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Welcome to Romantic Bungalow
  About us
Every single photo on this site was taken by the owners of the Romantic Bungalow. There are no professional photos or downloaded internet images, only the photos we took since 2003 while vacationing on the island. We do not take photos of some beautiful spot on the island and then pretend for that to be our property. Make no mistake, our property and Bungalow is gorgeous, but we did try very hard with all of our photos and descriptions to give you a great feel for exactly what to expect before you arrive. Every single photo on this site is clearly labeled so you know exactly what you are looking at. For example, if there is a beautiful photo of the beach we will let you ...
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  Our photos
There are 100's of photos on this website you will find nowhere else. We of course hope that you stay with us, but if you don't, please do explore our website. Make sure to check out all the fantastic island photos so you really get a chance to see Eleuthera. This is an incredible island with countless empty and totally perfect beaches. Most of all though, come to the island for its laid back lifestyle, cool drinks and wonderful people!

Small island offshore our property.
School of feeding fish in a tide pool.
The master bedroom.
Unique Village beach.
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